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Granvara Relais & SPA Hotel

Fit through your holidays

Exercises with a legendary view

A vacation at the Granvara can be an ideal opportunity to improve your fitness. Be it with the right running training or strength exercises. Our gym features the most modern Technogym machines, and provides the perfect setting to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and regain new strength. All Technogym machines feature the exclusive CHR system (Constant Heart Rate), and test functions with automatic recording of VO2 oxygen intake and the aerobic threshold. All your efforts in the Granvara gym will be rewarded with a splendid view of the panoramic garden, of Selva di Val Gardena, and of the Dolomites.
Our Tecnogym ® equipments are at your disposal

Technogym®'s Cardiovascular products are the result of years of scientific research and guarantee a perfect blend of biomechanics and design, offering testing functionality with automatic protocols for VO2 and anaerobic threshold tests. All Technogym® equipment is equipped with the exclusive CHR (Constant Heart Rate).

Technogym® Bikerrace
The high-tech BIKERACE™ is designed with innovations that have potential applications. BIKERACE™ has various easily programmable functions for all kinds of training and for aerobic and anaerobic tests. All tests can be printed out.
One innovation exclusive to this Bike is the capacity for training at Constant Heart Rate: the machine monitors the heart constantly, automatically regulating resistance in order to keep the pulse within the range of values preset in relation to age.
The BIKERACE™ has a striking and original design, whilst the selected construction materials make it perfectly reliable for intensive use wherever people are looking for fitness that's fun, healthy and...full of life!

Technogym® Steprace
STEPRACE™ is an innovative step simulator designed and constructed for cardiovascular training.
STEPRACE™ has the exclusive option of both a dependent and independent stepping action.
STEPRACE™, with electromagnetic resistance, is controlled by a computer which not only displays the graphs of the many functions, but also indicates calorie consumption, power, pulse rate and climbing speed values in real time. As in all RACELINE machines, the pulse rate is controlled by a standard cardiotester, and the data obtained can be used for CHR training.
The stylish lines and comfortable hand rests ensure that you will never tire of training with STEPRACE™.

Technogym® Runrace
RUNRACE™, designed by the Technogym Research Centre, incorporates a number of innovations that solve the common problems of runners using treadmills.
One of the main features of RUNRACE™ is the special self-lubricating base over which the belt travels.
The base rests on a series of dampers which absorb vibrations, preventing injury to the leg joints by protecting bone and tendon structures. The sensation is like running on grass.
The state of the art technology used in its design makes RUNRACE™ a high-potential professional product, able to withstand prolonged use, and capable of providing top level operation.
The thoughtfully positioned handrails at the front and sides guarantees maximum safety of use.The CHR function allows you to perform your training either with a constant pulse rate, or by programming intervals in pulse rate over time. In both cases the computer adjusts the level of difficulty, created by a combination of speed and gradient, to keep pulse rate within the preset values.

Technogym® Biostrength
The Biostrength® line, which consists of nine pieces of equipment for exercising all the major muscle groups, takes the club into the new millennium.
Biostrength® is a totally new category of machine: a masterpiece that combines gravity with electronic control (Bioconcept™). This provides a method of training where efficiency and comfort reach previously unknown levels. The use of a weight stack recreates the natural feeling to which the muscles are accustomed, while the electronics provide complete and highly effective control of the machine's functions.
Thanks to design, high quality and innovative materials - the same as are used in the automobile industry - cutting edge technology, compact size and ergonomic shape (developed by Technogym® R&D Department) Biostrength® is the most exclusive strength training line in the industry.
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