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Granvara Relais & SPA Hotel

To the rifugio Stevia

5 hours - medium-difficult trekking

From Selva we reach the hamlet of Daunei. After the Pension Daniel, we follow the road first and then path n.3 going through hay meadows. After the gate, delimiting the entrance to the Puez-Odle Park, the path starts to climb through a sparse wood, and then through a waterlogged stretch up to reach the green meadows of Juac (1900 m, about 1:15 h from Selva). From there we take the path n. 17 that goes to the right side, crosses some clearing first and then goes up and down through some gravely gullies until reaches the edge of the larch forest. Here the trail starts to climb halfway up and then with steep bends rises up with the help of steps to the S. Sylvester Pass (2380 m) from which we can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Val Gardena and the Vallunga canyon. From here we keep on following the trail n. 17 which bends left and brings in 15 min at Stevia Refugee (2312 m). Continuing on the grassy highland covered with edelweiss we can get to the top of Stevia (2555 m) in 30 min and then we return to the refuge for a well deserved break! We return back along the same path 17 and at the junction with the trail that comes from S. Sylvester Pass, we take the left path 17b, Troi Palota. We keep on going halfway down along the ridge, we cross over and start the descent on the green meadows of Steviola. The trail then begins to decline at bends along a gravely canyon up to a grassy floor and then descend steeply along other bends dominated by the rocks of Steviola, offering spectacular views on Selva and Val Gardena. The path finally enters into the forest to reach the hamlet of Daunei. The easy path n. 3 finally brings us back to Selva.
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