Granvara Golf In

Golf Club Alta Badia
From June to October the conditions are perfect to assure a wonderful round of golf, on a sunny highland with a difference in height of a mere 45 meters.
The course has a club house, putting green, driving range and a professional.
Golf Club Lana
9 hole with a long Parcours
Besides the masterly designed and accessible golf-course, other special features of Golf Club Lana, situated below the ruins of the “Brandis” castle, include a stunning panoramic view on the vast Adige’s valley on one hand and the close proximity to orchards on the other, granting a direct immersion in the genuine character of this land and its inhabitants. Equally attractive is the exceptionally long season, here, where a Mediterranean climate reigns within the Alps’ bosom.
Our location doesn’t just stand out for its geographic and climatic virtues. Still at Bolzano Airport or on the motorway half an hour before, you’ll find yourself already swinging in a refreshing natural context amongst Lana’s orchards.
Golf Club Petersberg
18-hole at 1.250 meters above sea level
The fact is not to be underestimated that on meters 1200 / 1,300 of sea level the balls a little bit fly on as in the plain. Some Greens are relatively small and surrounded by three sides with wood, here special care is offered. The hole 17 is classified by the players as the most impressive hole of the place, one plays from a raised reduction about an old millpond on the Green. To cross the water, a tee-shot of approx. 120 meters is necessary.
Technical data:
Golf course: 18 holes
Course standards: Par 71
Course rating:
Men Course Rating: 70,1 Slope Rating: 128
Ladies Course Rating: 72,0 Slope Rating: 126
Sea level: 1200 m - 1300 m
Golf Club St.Vigil / Seis am Schlern
Playing golf surrounded by unspoiled nature
Open from March to November (altitude 850 m), the golf course stretches on an area of about 60 hectares, perfectly embedded in the landscape. Idyllic ponds, ravines, brooks, fascinating waterfalls and long fairways alternate with easier paths. Beginner, professional players – we can satisfy all your needs.
While you are thinking about your shot making strategy, it could happen that the sight of the Dolomites.
Our Driving Range with 32 covered practice tees on 2 floors, putting- pitching greens and the golf school is open 7 days per week (March to November). The Driving Range is closed Monday mornings for Green keeping (except Monday is a holiday)! The office is open all days from 8 am to 7 pm.
Golfclub Eppan - "The blue Monster"
Golfers find themselves in a beautiful water landscape, with a well-being effect which simply emphasises this gentle and nature-near sport. The golf course can easily be reached within a few minutes by car from the village centres of various Eppan suburbs.