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In our private spa suite in the dolomites

Hotel with Private Spa in the Dolomites: Granvara Relais&SPA*****
Dolomites Beauty
The power of alpine herbs
A walk through the lush alpine meadows, a thousand fragrances...immerse yourself in the world of alpine herbs of the Dolomites. Relax your body and mind with a warm bath with original South Tyrolean mountain hay oil, followed by a peeling with exquisite herbs, accompanied by an Alpine mud pack, and rounded off with a pleasant back massage with pure arnica oil. For the ultimate relaxation of body and mind, the ritual is continued with a visit to the biosauna or steam bath. The ritual is rounded off with a typical "South Tyrolean bacon platter" and two glasses of Prosecco.

Duration: 140 minutes  € 190.00 per person
One of the best spas in the Alps at Granvara Relais&SPA*****
Ayurveda Depuration
Antique ayurvedic depuration ritual
This ritual taken from Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, serves to harmonise body, mind and soul. The body is prepared with the Udvartana treatment (an Ayurvedic herbal oil peeling), but you will only experience the full effect thanks to the heat in the following visit to the steam bath (Ayurveda Swedana): the skin is deeply cleansed. Afterwards, the ritual continues with the classic Ayurvedic full-body massage, the Abhyanga, which gives the body and mind absolute serenity.

A warm tea is served at the end of the ritual

Duration: 120 minutes             € 175.00 per person
Natural decoration at Granvara Relais&SPA****, hotel with private spa
Sweet Nature
Hydrating pampering ritual
Not only your skin will thank you... The ritual begins with a body scrub with precious Dead Sea salt, followed by the Hyaluronic pack and at the same time, a pleasant facial massage. Combined with the benefits of the bio sauna or steam bath, the whole body is purified, and the immune system strengthened.

To finish it off, you can relax with a fresh fruit cocktail.

Duration: 80 minutes € 145.00 per person